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“New” Private Pistol Classes



Drive-thru Firearm Shopping

We’re opening the first (that we know about) of its kind, drive through gun and ammo store. We’re moving our store front in to our drive through bay. You’ll be able to pick out a firearm, select accessories, grab some ammo, and complete the necessary paperwork all from the comfort of your car! Of course […]


Covid-19 Announcement

Our team is working overtime to get ammo & firearms ordered, received and on the shelf. Our wholesale distributors are doing the same to get our orders packed up and into the hands of FedEx and UPS. Right now, things are extremely busy. It’s taking us 3-7 days to get orders processed and onto the […]


Basic Pistol Class – 10/11/2019

BASIC PISTOL CLASS 2 Hour Course 9am-11am Prerequisite Course(s): None This is an introductory course for new shooters including classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students learn rules for safe firearm handling,  pistol parts and operation,  ammunition, shooting fundamentals,  range rules,  two handed shooting positions,  cleaning the pistol and continued opportunities […]


4th Annual Crosshairs Texas Youth Safety Awareness Training Class

**Classroom Only**
Bastrop TX is host to the 4th Annual Crosshairs Texas Youth Safety Awareness Training class on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019. This youth class starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm. Several businesses’ have partnered with Crosshairs and sponsored this event so that EVERY kid has a chance to attend at no charge. Crosshairs Texas’ […]


Do You Know the Meaning of Memorial Day?

Do You Know the Meaning of Memorial Day? Here’s 15 History Facts behind the Holiday Brush up on your Memorial Day knowledge with these interesting facts. What’s Memorial Day? It’s easy to forget, but Memorial Day weekend is much more than an extra day off work to spend hosting a backyard barbecue or taking a day trip with the family. Memorial […]


Your dominant eye and why it matters

“Cross dominance” is more than just winning first place in a drag show. It’s what you call it when your dominant hand is on the opposite side of your dominant eye, which can be a real hassle for shooters. Anyone in a sport that requires aim should know that using both eyes (binocular vision) creates […]


Crosshairs Texas, LLC Launches New Website

[BASTROP, TX | 1 Feburary 2019] Today Crosshairs Texas, LLC announced a new web experience and a shopping cart in the works! Customers will be able to view the latest products online and make a purchase right from their devices. Also availabel are online class schedules and payments. Stay tuned for more info as the […]


Updated business hours

Due to a shortage in staff and Covid-19 we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays so that we may have a couple of days off and to better serve the OVERWHELMING DEMAND for firearms and ammunition.

We appreciate your understanding - Crosshairs Texas Team