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Indoor Range Updates

Indoor Range Progress:

Crosshairs TX has become the premier gun shop in the area.  Our full service retail firearms store includes every type of gunsmithing service available.

Troy and Devon, are dedicated to customer service, and have turned this small store in Bastrop, Texas into one of the foremost shopping locations for Texas hunters and law enforcement.

Bastrop County has needed a safe and affordable place to learn about firearms and shoot rifles, shotguns and handguns.

This state of the art facility is located in downtown Bastrop on state highway 71.

Want to be an active part of this project?  Join the 7000 customers and support this project. WATCH for Construction shortly.

Check out the current plans, punch list and drawings of the new indoor range at Crosshairs Texas!

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Updated business hours

Due to a shortage in staff and Covid-19 we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays so that we may have a couple of days off and to better serve the OVERWHELMING DEMAND for firearms and ammunition.

We appreciate your understanding - Crosshairs Texas Team