Our team is working overtime to get ammo & firearms ordered, received and on the shelf. Our wholesale distributors are doing the same to get our orders packed up and into the hands of FedEx and UPS. Right now, things are extremely busy. It’s taking us 3-7 days to get orders processed and onto the carrier’s truck.

In addition to this, please be aware we are seeing shipments take longer once in the hands of FedEx and UPS. Our carrier partners are also incredibly busy with many American’s stocking up on essentials via online shopping sites. Please realize we cannot control or be held responsible for delays that FedEx or UPS may experience in the actual delivery of your order.

We don’t know what rules, if any, the government may impose on delivery drivers and interstate transportation. In this time of national emergency, please understand that our team here at Crosshairs Texas has no control over the government’s decision-making process. Because of that, all sales are FINAL. Interruptions caused by factors outside our control cannot be the basis for a canceled or refunded order.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.