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CCW 4 – 1/22/2020

January 22 @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

CCW 4 – Basic Defensive Pistol Skills

2 hours – 4pm-6pm

Lesson Four: Basic Defensive Pistol Skills (2 hours) 

  1. Identify the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. 
  2. Identify Elements of a Good Shooting Position and explain how they can change in a defensive encounter. 
  3. Explain and demonstrate the fundamentals of defensive marksmanship. 
  4. Explain defensive accuracy. 
  5. Explain the differences between cover and concealment, and identify examples of each. 

Identify the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

  • Identify Elements of a Good Shooting Position and explain

how they can change in a defensive encounter.

  • Explain and demonstrate the fundamentals of defensive


  • Explain defensive accuracy.
  • Explain the differences between cover and concealment, and

identify examples of each.

Discuss proper sight alignment.

  • Sight alignment refers to the proper relationship of the shooting eye, the rear sight and

the front sight.

Discuss sight picture.

  • Sight picture is simply placing the aligned sights on the target. For defensive shooting,

place the sights on the assailant where you want the bullet to hit. You should aim for the

center of exposed mass of the exposed target.

Because of the stress induced by a defensive encounter and the speed at which it occurs,

conscious control over refined breathing techniques is not possible.

The objective of hold control is to hold your body as still as possible while firing the shot.

The first step in minimizing movement is to assume a well—balanced, stable shooting

position naturally aligned with the target.

Briefly review trigger control.

  • Finger Placement
  • Trigger Movement

Briefly review followthrough.

ASK: What do you think FollowThrough is ?

  • Proper followthrough means maintaining the actions of aiming, breath control, hold

control, and trigger control until the pistol settles back on the target, which will set you up

for the next shot.

  • Developing proper followthrough is important since it is likely that multiple shots will be

fired in a defensive encounter.

  • Consistency is the most important element in shooting. To be consistent in your

shooting, you need to be consistent in everything you do related to your position,

including stance, grip, and muscle tension.

  • With Balance, you must keep your head level to reduce body movement. The brain

controls balance by signals that are sent from the inner ear. Therefore, the movement of

your head and body or the position of your head or body will probably affect your


Support can be natural or artificial.

  • Natural support is made up of your bones and muscles.
  • Artificial support includes such items as a bed, wall, or chair.

Bone support provides a great deal of steadiness when used properly. When used in

conjunction with artificial support, such as a rest, movement is virtually eliminated.

Muscle support is extremely important. When properly prepared through training, muscles

become steadier and do not fatigue quickly.

The more support you have, and the better your support is, the steadier you will be when

you are shooting.

  • Natura Aiming Area is the element that makes hitting your target easier. When NAA is

achieved, there is no conscious effort to aim or point to the center of the target.

Being comfortable allows you to focus on the fundamentals of shooting. Some shooting

positions may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable when you first try them. With time, your

muscles will stretch and strengthen as you practice the positions. If you experience

abnormal pain in any position, stop shooting and raise your nonshooting hand for

assistance in assuming and shooting from that position.


January 22
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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